Adriano Piu – Movimento Interlocutorio

In 2015, Arte produced a broadcast about Adriano Pius´ series Interlocutory Movement (Modular Movable Artworks), which attracted great attention in the art scene. The renowned Italian artist has been exhibiting his impressive and unique works with great success throughout Europe since 1990. From 10 December, Piu will be presenting a large selection of moving images as well as admirable stainless steel and cast bronze sculptures at the GALERIE MESSMER. Pius’ works are characterised by their unique poetic formal language and dynamic materials. He is rightly regarded as one of the most important representatives of kinetic art.

This unique series of moving pictures is the focus of the exhibition in the GALERIE MESSMER and you are cordially invited to experience the kinetic works. The exhibition in the gallery is an excellent complement to the current exhibition in the kunsthalle messmer “Licht und Bewegung”, in which four of Piu’s works can already be seen.

Piu was born in Friuli in 1954. He started painting early and already in the 70s his first exhibition took place in which his own expressive pictorial language could be seen. In the 90s Piu focused intensively on forms and materials. The artist also began to express the sculptural objects in a different way. For this purpose the artist worked with various materials such as iron, aluminium, bronze and wood. His initial stainless steel sculptures were uniquely developed through his constant experimentation. Adriano Piu takes part in numerous renowned international art fairs and his works can be seen in the collections of important public institutions as well as in private collections in Switzerland, Germany, France and Belgium.