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Scharein – Color field painting. 28.02-25.05.2016

After the great success in 2014, the GALERIE MESSMER has now for the second time the honour to exhibit impressive works by Günter Scharein. The Berlin artist’s colour fields allow visitors to immerse themselves in non-figurative colour-space surfaces consisting of light. Stroll through completely new worlds of being.

Born in 1949 in Lower Saxony, Scharein’s works today adorn the most important of all collections, such as the German Bundestag, the Daimler Collection and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. The speeches at his vernissages are given by popular personalities such as Dr. Gregor Gysi, among others, as was recently the case in the Berlin exhibition of the Sanofi-Aventis company – only Scharein’s paintings themselves are even more convincing.

The painter describes the color yellow as “bitchy,” thereby revealing the human aspect in his meticulous color studies. The emotional is indeed a main actor in Scharein’s works. The artist wishes “that the viewers with all their experience, sensuality, and spirituality” engage with his paintings.

At the same time, he proceeds with the greatest precision and accuracy to fathom the autonomous characteristics of each colour. The artistic process is based on the accurate application of tiny spots of colour. The pointilists already made use of the resulting effect. The minute dots blur before the eyes of the viewer into emotionally charged “colour landscapes”. Up to 17 different colored dots can be found on one (!) square centimeter.

These develop into large pulsating surfaces with a luminosity of almost unbelievable proportions. The works oscillate, vibrate and change depending on the light conditions and viewing angle. Scharein’s pictures live and radiate unbridled joy of life, vitality and variety. Let yourself be infected and enchanted!

Reinhard Roy

Reinhard Roy, born in 1948, is an internationally established artist of concrete-constructive art. He has had solo exhibitions all over the world, including in the USA, Hungary and Brazil. He is represented in more than 66 collections, including the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, the Museum Ritter, the Albertina in Vienna and the Warsaw National Museum.

The artist has been dealing with the form of the circle for decades. In his oeuvre, the circle often appears in its most minimal form – as a dot – but also as a virtual spatial phenomenon. It is astonishing that all works refer to the basic form of the circle and yet remain very varied. For several years Reinhard Roy accompanied the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who is regarded as a pioneer of modern Brazilian architecture.

“An interesting life and encounters with Oscar Niemeyer.”

Oscar Niemeyer, born 1907 in Rio de Janeiro, where he died in 2012 at the age of 104, is one of the most creative architects of the 20th century.

He was the architectural creator of the capital Brasilia, but was also internationally successful, including the construction of the UNO building in New York together with Le Corbusier. In 2013, his architectural drawings and plans were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.