Marisa Ferreira Depth, space and colour

The last exhibition of the Portuguese Marisa Ferreira in the GALERIE MESSMER was completely sold out. Only 33 years old, the artist was already represented in many exhibitions from America to China. She is firmly established in the international art world. From 29.05.2016 her latest works will be shown again in Riegel.

Marisa Ferreira is present in many public places and collections with her large-format works. For example, there was a monumental installation on the façade of Oslo Central Station. Among the public collections in which Ferreira is represented is the Museum Stavager, Norway.

She combines the three main components of colour, form and space to create three-dimensional compositions. The viewer’s movement is challenged: only by walking around the work can the individual patterns and colour structures with their various facets be experienced sensually! The result is a space-time continuum that integrates the viewer’s point of view directly into the picture and thus goes beyond the passive visual encounter with the artwork.

Marisa Ferreira finds inspiration in scientific theories on human perception and phenomenology. In her works, which are mainly made of aluminium and plywood, she translates these into thematic sequences.

The art is inspired by Leonardo Fibonacci’s natural sequences of numbers. She remains true to her concept of “Zigzag” structures in her new works. They are also influenced by the ideas of the philosopher Maurice Merlau-Ponty and the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. Above all, Heisenberg’s model of quantum mechanics can be found in her expression of the space-time relationship. The works change according to the viewing angle. Thus the visitor becomes an active part of her work. Ferreira thus conveys social connections on the basis of Merleau-Ponty’s theses. It is emphasized that the individual subject is always in a very personal relationship to his environment and to his social environment.