Mylène Mai – Hypnotic Lines

07.07.19 until 09.06.19

The international well-known artist Mylène Mai exhibits once again at the GALERIE MESSMER. Her works made of natural materials were represented here already in 2017.

From 07 July 2019, the works of the young French artist will be on show in the exhibition “Hypnotic Lines”. In May 2019, the artist already presented her works with great success in the renowned exhibition Révélations under the dome of the Grand Palais in Paris.

Since 2014, the autodidact, who holds a doctorate in the humanities, has been exhibiting successfully in numerous international galleries and is represented in renowned private collections both in France and abroad.

Mai’s monochrome works are paintings and sculptures at the same time due to their elaborately created surface structure.

Mai gets her inspiration from nature. The artist orchestrates and animates the stiff material plaster through sweeping, organic lines and edges, which remind of the bark of trees or moving sea grass. Using sharp tools, the young artist digs structures into thick gypsum boards, the surfaces of which she then painstakingly and individually patinates. Each work is therefore as unique as a fingerprint.