Patrick Hughes & Zhuang Hong-Yi

Rendezvous of illusions

08/05/2022 – 10/23/2022

Our new exhibition, which will feature works by British artist Patrick Hughes and Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi, cordially invites you to a rendezvous of illusions.

Have you ever heard of the “reverspective” – the reverse perspective -? The British artist Patrick Hughes coined this term for his art in which he artistically depicts this amazing phenomenon: in his three-dimensional works, the pictorial objects that appear to be closest are actually furthest from the viewer. When the viewer moves in front of the large-format works, the world shakes. Get ready for a change of perspective!

Zhuang Hong Yi’s works also skilfully play with perspective. The important Chinese artist creates huge “flowerbeds” using folded and painted pieces of rice paper. These colorful flower meadows also change from the eyes of the viewer and let the colors change.

About Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes , born in Birmingham, England, in 1939, is considered to be a representative of Op Art, an art movement that works with optical illusions, with his objects from inverted perspective.

Hughes works take us into a crazy world. Near or far, finite or infinite, perception or reality? Hughes’ art raises questions and playfully invites the viewer to get to the bottom – often abysmal – of these questions.

This art likes to leave a back door open. A large number of doors await the visitor, which, for example, turn libraries into gateways to the world. The long art-historical tradition of trompe l’oeil and mise en abyme finds a great innovator in Patrick Hughes.

About Zhuang Hong Yi’s

Zhuang Hong Yi’s works, on the other hand, take us into a world of intoxication of flowers and colors. Born in Sichuan province in 1962, the artist seems to strive for cross-cultural understanding in his art through the language of flowers, which are central to his work.

In his colorful paper art, which can look back on a long tradition in Asia, he also combines western and eastern influences. It is very important to the artist to bring man and nature closer together through his art.

In addition to the paradisiacal flowerbeds, we are also showing abstract landscapes – colorful abstract works that can be read as modern atmospheric landscapes.

In recent decades, Zhuang has gained international recognition. His sculptural paintings have been featured in over a hundred solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including the Found Museum in Beijing, the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, the Ulmer Museum, the Erarta Museum in Russia and the 55th Venice Biennale.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Works by Patrick Hughes

Works by Zhuang Hong Yis

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