Sylvette David – The muse of Picasso

14.June 2017-12.July 2017

On the occasion of its 25th exhibition, the kunsthalle messmer is dedicating itself from 24 June 2017 to 12 November 2017 to women in the life of the great modernist painter Pablo Picasso. As inexhaustible sources of inspiration, they influenced his artistic oeuvre.

Some of Picasso’s companions were artists themselves, including the Frenchwoman Sylvette David (*1934). The artist met the then 19-year-old with the blond ponytail in spring of 1953 in Vallauris. The young girl was his model for many years. Within only three months he created his portrait series “Sylvette” with over 50 paintings and drawings of her, which made her world-famous. Well-known personalities such as Brigitte Bardot imitated her hairstyle.

The artist is now over 80 years old and renamed Lydia Corbett, She will present her own works in the GALERIE MESSMER, which have a clear stylistic reference to Picasso. Within her artistic oeuvre, she focuses on watercolour works and ceramics, whereby the motives deliberately float freely in space for the viewer. Marc Chagall’s reception is also immediately noticeable. Flowers in different shapes and colours appear again and again as a subject. The recurring adoption of religious elements also reveals her piety.

In this way he creates fantastic worlds full of light and shadow on the border between reality and fiction, in which the often undressed human figures wander about searching like scattered extras or seem to merge with the detailed pictorial ground.

Despite the withdrawn monochromy, Kirch’s works do not appear gloomy, but radiate a great calm and an unmistakable aesthetic. And the artist’s urgent message that “the one, absolute and universally valid reality” no longer exists in our world of digitization and networking.