Cecile Plaisance

The internationally renowned Cécile Plaisance is the 2018 winner of PHOTO magazine’s largest photo competition in the world. She prevailed against 50,000 competitors and has since been seen in galleries around the world.

About the artist


Cécile Plaisance is one of the most successful contemporary artists. She exhibits her photographs in numerous exhibitions all over the world, from Hong Kong to America to Russia, and is also represented in many renowned galleries nationally and internationally. With more than 20 exhibitions per year, she inspires her international audience.

Cécile Plaisance’s art consists of several components: humour, social criticism and apparently also some provocation are all part of it. The choice of motif alone usually amazes the viewer, but one should always risk a second look at their works and change the viewer’s point of view, because only then does the special lens-shaped development of the photographs reveal a different or a second motif. The artist examines the woman behind the outer facade and presents what otherwise only seems to remain hidden.

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