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Zhuang Hong-Yi & Lu Luo

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Charming (im)finiteness - Zhuang Hong-Yi & Lu Luo

only until 14.04.2024

GALERIE MESSMER is showing the impressive fields of flowers made of rice paper by artist Zhuang Hong-Yi (*1962), as well as the traditional fabric paintings by artist Lu Luo (*1971). The internationally active artist couple from China are united above all by their meditative way of working.

Patterns and structures are created that pay attention to both the small details and the big picture. New forms are found in the overwhelming, sometimes kinetic play of colors, which provide a framework for the infinity of patterns and give space to the expressive.

Zhuang Hong-Yi, 18-VII-012, Copyright: Galerie Messmer 2024

The artist Zhuang Hong-Yi (*1962) uses various materials for his partly kinetic works of art. His Flowerbeds are probably among his best-known works. He forms individual blossoms from fine rice paper, which he then assembles on the picture support to create a veritable sea of flowers. The different coloration creates changing color effects that make his works shine.
Zhuang is now represented internationally and has already been shown in London, Beijing, Brussels and Singapore, among other places.

The tradition of Chinese opera robes provides the artist Lu Luo (*1971) with a breeding ground for her colorful fabric paintings. Dynamic shapes paired with geometric lines and structures form stories. Materials such as paper, silk, ink and acrylic paints provide space in which the individual can express itself expressively through the language of cultural textiles. Her striking works have already been shown in Amsterdam, Miami, Paris and Lucerne.

Lu Luo, A Personal Touch I, Copyright: Galerie Messmer 2024

Angela Bohn - LICHTDÜNEN

02.03. - 28.04.2024

The artist Angela Bohn in front of one of her light dunes, Copyright: Galerie Messmer 2024

The artist Angela Bohn creates true spectacles of light with wood and paint. She skillfully mills waves into different types of wood. The light falling on it brings the dune landscape to life. Depending on the angle of view, the dunes seem to move. This effect gave her works of art the name “light dunes”.
While the colored light dunes are particularly captivating due to their rich pigments, their natural works are effective due to the grain of the wood and its natural texture.

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JOACHIM LEHRER - The secret life of things


Joachim Lehrer, Ankergrund, 2024

Joachim Lehrer uses a masterful technique to create visual worlds that invite you to dream. Little stories, told about places that have a soul within them, are melancholy. The friendly character that lies in each of his pictures tempts you to wander off, think of other places and reminisce. Teacher’s pictures contain a longing of which we are often unaware.

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