Schöner als Echt

04.03. - 25.06.2023

Part of the large Heiner Meyer retrospective “Schöner als Echt” from the Kunsthalle is currently continuing in the gallery.
On the occasion of Heiner Meyer’s 70th birthday, we present unique images of his early work, up to his most recent works – fresh from the studio! With his richness of facets, as well as his clear and realistic painting style, the artist is able to take his audience into another world. A world that may seem “more beautiful than real” to us.
Comics, cars, luxury items, advertising lettering and consumer goods denote the Pop Art tradition and thus also form a focal point in Meyer’s pictorial motifs.

His work thus also revolves around thematic complexes such as power, greed, prestige and pleasure, manipulation, beauty and delusion. In doing so, he creates a reflection of a society that is beginning to sense the limits of the capitalist promise of happiness.

Also on display:

Alain Vaissiere

As a former engineer and manager in the field of aerospace, Alain Vaissière (*1957) is particularly fascinated by the possibilities of technology for his art.

An internationally recognized artist, he has made a name for himself through his computer-based art. It is represented in numerous, renowned collections abroad and is now being presented in Germany for the first time!

Alain Vaissière sees his artistic work influenced by pop art, science fiction and fashion. Unbridled and free, Vaissière moves outside of the standardized genres. With his fun-loving creations, he rises above the canon of old traditions and reveals new sensual visual worlds.

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Thomas Haufe

About the artist Thomas Haufe researches geometric laws and produces colourful, three-dimensional images and spatial objects based on complex mathematical calculations. He groups colored wooden


Joachim teacher

About the artist Magically foreign worlds appear in Joachim Lehrer’s pictures and yet they are “so strangely familiar”. Parked in it and given up: Vehicles

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