Michel Kirch “The origin of light”

The world-renowned star photographer Michel Kirch presents a selection of his award-winning works in Germany for the first time in the GALERIE MESSMER!

Since January 2017, the long list of his international awards has also included the coveted “Best Monochrome Photographer of the Year” award. In March 2017 he won the “32nd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (Manhattan)” and was awarded the “Creative Quarterly 2017 (Fine Art Professional)” prize. The list could be continued.

The artist, born in 1959 in Metz/France, creates impressive works, some of them monumental in size, that move beyond the conventional criteria of aesthetics. The haunting, almost disturbingly intense photographs immediately cast a spell over the viewer, triggering a veritable flood of emotions.

The main interest of the artist is not the documentation of real existing landscapes. He experiments with the subjective effect that his “inner landscapes, the geographies of the soul” trigger in the viewer.

The greatest and most exciting challenge for Kirch is the construction of a fiction from the building blocks and materials of reality – which he really succeeds in masterfully! He creates poetry from interwoven visual pictorial elements that seem surreal rather than unreal through the alienation of reality.

Kirch composes and constructs cryptic landscapes and partly apocalyptic urban sceneries, which he composes from various of his individual shots. He is always on the lookout for his “own version of reality”, a dream-like, almost mystical place hidden beneath the surface of the visible and tangible.

In this way he creates fantastic worlds full of light and shadow on the border between reality and fiction, in which the often undressed human figures wander about searching like scattered extras or seem to merge with the detailed pictorial ground.

Despite the withdrawn monochromy, Kirch’s works do not appear gloomy, but radiate a great calm and an unmistakable aesthetic. And the artist’s urgent message that “the one, absolute and universally valid reality” no longer exists in our world of digitization and networking.