May 7, 2017 – June 11, 2017

From May 7th to June 11th, 2017, GALERIE MESSMER is presenting 14 brand new and previously unseen works by Mylène Mai. The expressive and captivating exhibits are paintings and sculptures at the same time and have a strong impact that the viewer can hardly resist.

A remarkable young artist with great potential, Mylène Mai was born in France in 1988. Her works can be found in numerous well-known private collections. Her circle of buyers is growing extremely quickly and steadily, so that her last exhibitions were almost all sold out, right down to the last work.

In her colorful works, the doctorate in humanities is primarily interested in the pictorial implementation of the relationship between external aesthetics and the emotions it arouses in the viewer.
And they are indeed diverse: the sensations experienced when experiencing these extraordinary works, which elude any description, range from energetic and dynamic to hypnotic and poetic. The creation of her works is a strenuous, manual process. Using various sharp tools, the young artist digs structures into thick plasterboard, the surfaces of which she then painstakingly patinas.

The monochrome works are kept in intense colors and live through the unique dynamics of the structures, which are occasionally reminiscent of windswept rain, swirling leaves, the bark of ancient trees or waves. In fact, Mylène Mai gets her inspiration from nature and only uses naturally occurring materials such as plaster of paris and natural pigments.

The time factor also plays a central role in the unmistakable art of the young French artist. Through artificial aging processes, such as simulating signs of abrasion and use on the surface of her works, she chooses a characteristic moment of patination for each work, which makes each work as unique as a fingerprint.

Pictures of the exhibition

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