Thomas Haufe

May 08, 2022 – July 31, 2022

About the artist

The computer scientist Thomas Haufe researches geometric laws and produces colourful, three-dimensional images and spatial objects after complex mathematical calculations. He groups colored wooden blocks in such a way that they create a movement that captivates the viewer. This way of working has also given the artist the title of “Klötzermann”.

Thomas Haufe was able to prevail over the 100 participating artists of the 6th André Evard Prize by a wide margin and was honored by the enthusiastic visitors with the Audience Prize 2022 .

The computer scientist from Halle researches geometric laws and creates exceptionally colorful wooden objects that stage three-dimensional rhythm in the interplay of body, colour, light and shadow .

As part of this solo exhibition , you now have the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of mathematical laws in other works by the artist and to be drawn under the spell of his moving pictures .

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Works by Thomas Haufe

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