Alain Vaissiere

The Master of Digigraphy

July 11 – September 19, 2021

The rousing and fun-loving 3D paintings by the French artist Alain Vaissière will delight visitors from Sunday, July 11, 2021 in the MESSMER GALLERY . Here the visitor gains an insight into the colorful imagery of the renowned digital artist . He is popular in the international art scene . His works can be seen in many important collections in Europe and Asia. Colorful landscapes, cultural icons and abstract worlds rise in his works to sculptural appearances full of depth and luminosity .

Alain Vaissière sees his artistic work influenced by pop art, science fiction and fashion . Unbridled and free , Vaissière moves outside of the standardized genres. With his fun -loving creations, he rises above the canon of old traditions and reveals new sensual visual worlds . The Frenchman’s spectacular palette ranges from generic characters and dynamic desert landscapes to engaging cartoons and icons . Within the various subject groups Corpus, 3D, Animalis, Abstractions, Cartoons, Déserts and Icônes , Vaissière blurs the boundaries between figuration and animation and reveals a new, sensual visual world to the viewer. With his incomparable skills , the former aerospace engineer breathes life into his dreamy creations from photography and drawing and builds a bridge with his motifs to our time and our dreams .

Be inspired by the humor and imagination of Alain Vaissière’s digital palette. Visit us and rejoice with us!

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