Reiner Strub

The diversity of a painter

February 16 – June 14, 2020

From February 16, 2020, GALERIE MESSMER will be presenting an exciting cross -section of the diverse oeuvre of the well-travelled painter Reiner Strub .

In various groups of subjects , Strub blurs the boundaries between figuration and abstraction and in this way reveals new sensual visual worlds of our everyday lives. Reiner Strub ‘s impressive work ranges from watercolor drawings to dynamic oil paintings to powerful mixed media that take up the element of sand .
Reiner Strub’s works are often based on collages made from newspapers and magazines , which he finally realizes in oil paint.

The focus of his work is on the subject of materiality , its limitations and qualities . By alienating the original meaning of form, Strub creates engaging alienations of perspective spatiality while presenting landscapes full of soul and stories .

landscape paintings
Landscapes, inspired in particular by his travels through Africa and Greece, enter into a symbiosis with human bodies. In Strub’s works, the figural element of the objects is worked out in a sensitive way through studies of form and light , which enables him to penetrate to the pure essence of form of what is shown. He extracts figural components, reassembles them and thus creates a new, alienated pictorial statement .

oil paintings
Not abstract, but freed from any traditional formal meaning and context, the academic painter creates an encounter with pure figuration within his own pictorial world.

Works by Reiner Strub

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