Werner Dorsch & Francis Tabary

total illusion

Werner Dorsch & Francis Tabary

Werner Dorsch (*1952, Heilbronn) and Francis Tabary (*1949, Anould, France) combine the game with optical illusions. Tabary received the world title for self-created magic tricks in 1991. According to the motto “nothing is as it seems”, Dorsch creates seemingly three-dimensional spaces on the canvas through the precise arrangement of geometric shapes in fine shades. His color palette mostly remains in the nuances of gray, white and black. Color rarely finds its way into his work. The artist refers to Op Art and Concrete Art.

Francis Tabary even goes one step further. He seems to break through three-dimensionality by creating an apparently impossible spatial structure with his sculptures. They create an eerie impression of weightlessness, lightness and complete topological impossibility that challenges both the eye and the mind. His works leave the viewer constantly in the unclear between the real and the unreal.

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